Average Joes Release New Album: Play That Disco


During the pandemic, many bands and musicians have found new ways to share their music, such as Facebook Live and Zoom shows. On the Big Island, live music events are limited, and some venues have remained closed since March when the shutdown began. However, for the Hilo-based band, the Average Joes, these unusual circumstances have turned out to be a mixed blessing.

The Average Joes always wanted to record a full-length album since its formation in 2016 but playing 3 to 4 weekends per month at venues scattered around the island prevented that ambitious endeavor.

When their last show was canceled in March, guitarist/frontman Ryan Sabate and bassist Scott Sayers started sending ideas back and forth via email, and song ideas started taking shape.

Average Joes’ debut Album, Play That Disco, was released on August 28, features a diverse collection of rock tunes including the title track. Sabate says it’s “A catchy funk-rock response to internet trolls on social media.”

Album highlights include a melodic rock tune titled “Alive,” and “Mother,” a tribute to bassist Scott Sayers’ mom who recently died. Among the 11 tracks, you’ll find the faux country rocker “Better days” and a hybrid Rock/Jawaiian mashup called “Turn The Music Up.”

Play That Disco is available for download on iTunes and you can stream it on Spotify, Tik Tok, and YouTube music. The CD are will be available in select stores and directly from the band.

Check out Average Joes’ 2.0 page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. They will do a proper CD release party once the pandemic rules subside, and their live event schedule is announced.


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