Average Joe’s release new single “Beautiful Distraction” from upcoming album


Hilo’s Average Joes released their second single this week from the upcoming album titled Play That Disco. The band’s frontman Ryan Sabate describes “Beautiful Distraction” as a song about having that certain something that takes us away from the daily grind, or anytime we’re going through a rough patch.

Listen to “Beautiful Distraction” in the video player below.

“Beautiful Distraction” was written, arranged, and performed by Ryan Sabate (vocals, guitars, keys, and drums) and Scott Sayers (bass). Being a huge fan of Whitesnake, Sabate channeled the English hard rock band and more particularly guitarist John Sykes for this song. “I was shooting for that tone in the leads, but I ended up getting a really cool Queen/Brian May-type sound in the intro,” said Sabate. “Were really proud of this one!”

Watch for the Average Joe’s next single “Play That Disco” to be released shortly. The track features a guest soloist and is a “funky rocker,” notes Sabate.

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Featured image: Markus Spiske


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