Big Island Music Videos Slated to Play at Made in Hawai’i Film Festival June 1-2


The Made in Hawai’i Film Festival returns to Hilo on June 1st and 2nd, bringing with it a batch of Big Island-made music videos, scheduled to play on Saturday, June 1st at 2pm in the festival’s “Music and Experimental” block.

Big Island-born music videos included in the festival’s lineup are:

– Hamakua, directed by Big Island-based Dominik Walczuk featuring music and performance by Nahko Bear. Noted as “a dance of time,” this musical story weaves the past and present to showcase the growth of Nahko Bear over the years.

– Baby’s Riding on a Falling Star, a musical story of yearning and unrequited love from Big Island-based writer and musician Dennis Lee Foster with music by his band Kellian and Company.

Dennis Lee Foster: “Music videos are the structural opposite of feature films. In a music video, the visuals are an extension of the music, whereas in cinema, music generally plays a supportive role. All music videos are basically promotional in nature, seeking to cultivate exposure for the songs and the performers. However, as a writer and artist as well as an instrumentalist, I strive to create music videos that are themselves a form of artistic expression–visual poems accompanied by passionate performances. In fact, most of my songs are based on poems I’ve written, and the music videos for these songs include a dramatic recital of the poem on which the song is based. The poems, by the way, are recited by Robyn Selman, who has narrated documentaries for BBC and is presently the lead singer for the British band Autorotation. The songs are performed by my band Kellian and Company. Most of the poems are from my published collection, Across the Blood Red Plain, or ones that appeared in Poetry Quarterly magazine.

“‘Baby’s Riding on a Falling Star” is an exception, in that it wasn’t based on a poem. I wrote it in the 1970s and sang it to my girlfriend while strumming a custom Seagull acoustic guitar. I recently revived it in the context of my visual poetry project, which now includes around 30 videos. The lead singer, Kellian, really brought the song to life and, in my opinion, is one of the most vibrant, passionate, and versatile recording artists on the scene today. In this song, her vocal style and phrasing are acutely reminiscent of Jewel–so much so that when I first shared it, many listeners thought Jewel was the singer. I gave the song the full DAW treatment with full orchestra based on audio samples by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.”

– LaLaLa Together, directed by Phillips Payson, featuring music from Hilo’s own Bub Pratt of Kukuau Studio and showcasing behind-the-scenes “making of” footage of locally made indie film Stoke, also playing at the festival.

– Brain in a cat – Substituation, a unique musical experience by Hilo artist braininacat, who uses 3D abstract animations to explore the different climates and sights of big island, from snow to mountains to a suburb to a volcano. Youtube channel –

“Including music videos in the festival lineup is just another way we can highlight the immense creativity and talent available here in the islands, and another opportunity we can offer local artists to showcase their work.” – Zoe Eisenberg, Executive Director, Made in Hawaii Film Festival

If You Go…

The videos will screen from 2pm until 3:45 pm on June 1st at the Hilo Palace Theater. Tickets are $10 for a single block, or $30 to access all the films playing in the Hilo Palace portion of the event, from June 1 – June 2.

Hilo Palace Theatre: 8 Haili St, Hilo.
Phone: 808-934-7010.


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