Big Island Producer Beefnik Announces Release of Her Debut Album Nyctophilia


Music producer Beefnik released her first studio dance album Nyctophilia on Monday May 27th. It’s available for streaming and download across all platforms including YouTube.

Nikki (Beefnik) is a Kailua-Kona based multi-instrumentalist, singer, DJ and local musical theatre actress who has spent her entire life in pursuit of music. Inspired by the evolution of electronic music and its technology, Nyctophilia is an instrumental cornucopia of EDM genres -from downtempo & chill to hardstyle, and everything in between.

In the world of electronic music, it can be hard to set yourself apart from other producers, but Big Island musician Beefnik does just that. Her debut album Nyctophilia is an eclectic collection of EDM genres -from Downtempo to Hard Trance, written unlike any other dance album, yet there is familiar flow when listening to it as a whole.

Nikki (Beefnik) began producing back in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2016 when fellow producer friends showed her fancy new software that she experienced a flood of inspiration and began writing. Nikki is no stranger to the music world, she is an accomplished flutist, pianist and vocalist who moved to South Kona and has been performing in musical theatre shows since 2017. It was during the Aloha Theatre’s most recent winter musical Mamma Mia! that she wrote her debut album Nyctophilia. She had been suffering from a misdiagnosed illness (which has now resolved itself) and turned to making music as one of the ways to distract her mind from excruciating pain. The album was composed entirely at night in her home studio, which is where she found its name.

Nikki plans to begin touring around the island to promote Nyctophilia sometime this summer after she finishes working as the Sound Designer for Aloha Theatre’s upcoming production of Peter Pan Jr which runs June 21-30.

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