Big Island singer Ka’ahele releases thought-provoking single “Trust” on December 18


Big Island singer/songwriter Ka’ahele will release her new single “Trust” on December 18, and it will be available for download on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms. “Trust” is the unique songwriters’ first collaboration with talented Hilo based producer and Na Hoku Hanohano award nominee, David Williamson of DWP Sounds.

The two started working on this collaboration early this year, but production paused when Ka’ahele lost her father suddenly from an accident in June. Because of this, the song evolved in a profound way, and now after everything that the world has endured in 2020, Ka’ahele feels like the subject of trust is very prevalent for most of us.

She says, “It’s been a murky, foggy, long drive. Especially regarding the internet, the virus, and politics. We’ve been separated from those who are closest to us. And further separated by different views and morals. Truth and trust feel elusive amongst illusions and strong opinions. Where is it? This song is about the ‘Trust Fall’. I honor the things in my life that I know I can trust, no matter what. Even if it means the great mystery itself. Or something like the rise of the tides, the arrival of the morning elements, or the hand of a loved one.  I can trust that these things will always ‘catch me’, no matter what.”  

Ka’ahele is a frequent performer at Big Island festivals like Kohala Aina festival and Manafest. Off-Island she has performed at larger venues such as Oregon Country Fair, Shangri-la festival in Minnesota, and Yasgurs Farm Woodstock Reunion Festival in New York. She placed 3rd in Hawaii Songwriters Competition in 2018 and has been seen on lineups including Paula Fuga, Pato Banton, Amber lily & Tubby Love, Ydine, Medicine for the People, and Hope Medford.

Ka’ahele has a reputation of bringing authenticity to her listeners, as well as clever lyrics that are uplifting, and brutally honest- bringing awareness and at the same time making light of the human situation. Her songs are full of food for thought, and her melodies are soothing and creative. In this new song that collaborates with DWP Sounds, existing and new listeners are really in for a fresh feel that still holds true to Ka’hele’s authentic vibe.

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