Big Island’s Christina Rico Releases Second Single “Family Dreams”


Christina Rico (aka Dream) released her second single “Family Dreams” on Saturday, March 21, 2020.  Rico explains, “This musical journey is such a huge part of my life. The gift of music has brought me healing and hope. “Family Dreams” is a song that captivates my heart. When I sing the lyrics to this song, I imagine my deepest dreams coming true. I hope that when others are listening to Family Dreams, they can have that same experience.” Family Dreams is available on iTunes, Spotify, TikTok mostly all other music platforms.

Rico is looking forward to sharing much more music.  She says she has more than two handfuls of heartwarming songs waiting to be recorded. Rico explains, “I want to connect with others through music.  Music is my way of giving back and I would like to build on that.”

Check out the new music video for “Family Dreams.”

Rico will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts from the University of Hawai’i at Hilo this May 2020. She says, “With the trials and tribulations that I’ve had, I never thought I’d even have the opportunity to attend college and now I’m graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. The best part of attending college was that I found my gift, my healing, my passion: music.  It just goes to show that if you keep putting your best foot forward and don’t give up, your dreams can become reality.  That’s a part of the message that I would like to continue to share through music. There are a lot of people that struggle and it’s important to me coming from a tough background that I can be someone to lift, inspire and encourage others.  I have high hopes because I have seen miracles and they can happen for anyone. Keep believing, keep working at it, and from my family to yours, keep believing in your dreams!”

Also, check out Rico’s debut single “Love Pocean Dream,” and read about it here.

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