Dagan Bernstein Live


“I Might Live Upcountry (But I’m Always Down For Love)”

With the green hills of Waimea as his muse, Dagan writes songs that invite the listener to be moved, to think, and to be awakened to the world around them. The title track from his new EP “Change Something” (2016) features the Big Island Music Awards Country/Folk Single of the year and is available from all major online retailers.

“This original song describes the feeling of going to any length for the one you love. Written while my now current wife was on a yoga certification retreat in Kona the song was inspired by multiple trips I made across the island to drop off things she needed while she was there. This live recording is from the Michael Luce studio at Kahilu Theatre in Waimea featuring percussionist Luis Felipe and fiddle player Jeffrey Quin”

This song is available at all major online retailers including Bandcamp at https://daganmusic.bandcamp.com/track/always-down-for-love-ft-colin-john

Be sure to visit Dagan Bernstein’s website: http://www.daganmusic.com/index/


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