Emerging reggae artist Lopaka Rootz’ new single “The Three L’s” offers a message of hope


Written two weeks into the State of Hawaii’s stay at home order, emerging reggae artist Lopaka Rootz penned an aspirational song titled “The Three L’s.” His new recording will be available on all music platforms starting Friday, June 19.

Baffled with the current state of affairs in the world, and the loss of steady gigs he’d planned for the next few months, Rootz watched his income take a rapid downturn. With no real answers of when things would get back to normal, the thought of writing another quarantine song complaining about the loss was not going to cut it for him. Instead what he felt what was needed was a message of hope.

When Mayor Harry Kim was announcing the grim number of active COVID-19 cases on the island, Rootz instead pulled a positive message from it: “Yes, the world around you is scary, and this is serious, but don’t panic because you are living your best life in Hawaii, and at home with all of your family.”

A creative spark ignited within the aspiring Reggae artist, and the words “We Live, We Love, and We Learn,” flowed out across the guitar and down onto the paper in front of him.

This message of positivity and hopefulness was not only for himself but for his mother who had lost her job as well. Within two hours, Rootz knocked out a demo version on his phone and sent it over to fellow musician and friend Pat Eskildsen. A bass line followed, and production began at Eskildsen’s new studio Saddle Road Productions. Vocals, backing harmonies, and a drum track by Noa Eads came next.  The song was now ready to be mastered at Mana Music Studio. The single’s cover art was done by Eskildsen’s daughter and professional artist “Shanti Eskildsen.

On Friday, June 19, “The Three L’s” will be available on all music platforms including Pandora Radio, iTunes, Apple Music, and Google Play. KQNG-FM on Kauai got an advance copy and has started playing it. Fans can also stream the song on Spotify.

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Featured image: Steve Roby


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