The Other Favorites Coming March 14


The Other Favorites
Big Island Brewhaus, Waimea
March 14, 2018

The Other Favorites is an Americana duo featuring Carson McKee (vocals, guitar) and Josh Turner (vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin). They will appear at the Big Island Brewhause in Waimea on Wednesday March 14.


These talented artists play music really well, sure, but they also have a penchant for finding the small detail in something that can turn an experience into a song. That keen sense of observation and delight (or sometimes lament) about the world around them is what makes their original music so satisfying.

But the story of the Other Favorites is not just a YouTube story; it’s a story of a few music lovers who root their creativity in a well-worn appreciation for the genre we all now call “classic rock.” Names like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eagles, Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac make the list of influences for both. Then there are of course the bluegrass influences like Allison Krauss and Doc Watson. You take these combined with Turner’s guitar inspirations like Leon Kottke, Davey Graham, and John Fahey. Add in a recent obsession with modern greats like Ryan Adams and the neosoul revival (Kendrick Lamar, DeAngelo, etc.) and you have the recipe for some really remarkable new music. Seriously whether it’s iconic imagery or creative chord progressions, all of these styles can be heard in some form on the Other Favorites new music.

When it comes to how they wrote the album, though, there’s another layer to the story. While Turner is the one with the guitar solos, it’s McKee, an English, creative writing, and French graduate of the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), who pens the majority of the songs.

His expressive vocal style is something that continues to garner lots of positive comments on YouTube, but the earnest lyrical content is what makes this Other Favorites album take the next step from their formative work. The songwriting process is ever evolving, but often McKee writes the basis for the song and then Turner comes alongside him, playing the “producer” role with tweaks here and there. Sometimes these adjustments are small and stylistic, but in the case of one of the great songs on the new album “Angelina,” it involved completely reimagining the rhythm and style of the song. This kind of songwriting tandem seems more cooperative than their inspirational Lennon-McCartney competition, but it suits these Other Favorites quite well.

Carson and Josh self-released their latest EP, “Fools”, in September of 2017 and have recently completed a new record that will be available this summer.

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