fmt. Make Concert Debut at Kukuau Studio May 10


“Kayla Dente (15) and Alex Hanzlik (16) have been making music together for the past two years, and they sound fantastic!,” remarks Big Island vocalist and musician Sarah Bethany. Bethany and music producer Michael Suprenant have been working with the teen musicians on honing their stage presence and studio skills. “The two girls have been studying with me for about two years, and their band name is fmt., is an abbreviation for Forget Me Nots, which is very symbolic for them,” adds Bethany.

This Friday, May 10, Dente and Hanzlik (fmt.) will make their concert debut at Hilo’s Kukuau Studio. They will be joined by Kona drummer, Nick Wong, and bassist, Matt Spencer. There will be an opening set by singer/songwriter Drew Daniels, along with his band, Michael Surprenant (drums), Matt Spencer (bass), and Sarah Bethany (keys). Ticket info below.

Alex Hanzlik

“A couple of years ago, I introduced the two girls and suggested we team up to create some music together.  They have been two peas in a pod ever since!  Alex has been singing and playing guitar and ukulele for several years, and recently started learning piano.  Music is at the forefront of her life and she dedicates many hours a week to her practice and study. Kayla Dente studied piano for several years before coming to me. Her voice has been noticed by many people throughout her life and she’s been invited to sing for special occasions such as the National Anthem for our local high school’s basketball games. She’s very passionate about music and aspires to go to Berklee College of Music, one of the top schools in the world, to further her studies. 

Kayla Dente

The young ladies want to make an everlasting impact doing what they love. They started planning for their concert debut in January of last year and are ready to pour their heart and soul to their upcoming performance. I invited them to open for me at one of my concerts, as a duo, in December of 2017.  This was their first public performance and they were outstanding. They also performed at my last two students’ recitals in 2017 and 2018, in front of an audience of over 100 people. Again, they were outstanding!  I decided it was time to start preparing for a larger show at a popular venue in Hilo and invite the world to come. The vision was born, which included the formation of a full-sized rock band.  These two musicians are at the top of their game and are both considered among the best on the island. “

If You Go…

What: fmt. w/Drew Daniels
Where: Kukuau Studio, 43 Kukuau St, Hilo. Phone: (808) 464-3388
When: Friday, May 10, 6:00 PM
Admission: $5 students, $10 adults.


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