Hawai’i Songwriting Fest Selects Big Island’s Top Four


On Sunday May 27, the Hawai’i Songwriting Festival held its final round open-mic competition at the Kahilu Theatre and selected four winners from 11 Big Island contestants. The annual songwriting contest started on April 30 at the Hilo Town Tavern, and there were events at the Big Island Brewhaus, Kona Brew Pub, as well as various competitions on Oahu. The first-place winner received free attendance to the 2018 Hawai’i Songwriting Festival and two nights’ accommodation at Mauna Lani Bay Hotel on the Big Island.

Sunday’s final competition featured the following performers:
Scott Buchholz – “Without You (I’m Not Really Me)”
The Heartifact – “Your Side”
Ka’ahele – “Head On”
Justin Miyamoto – “Hawai’I”
Chris Yoakum – “Savage”
Marrianne Bacon – “Put the Meat on the Table”
Keoni Caravalho – “It Always Comes Back to Me”
Skyla Van Zandt – “Hand Grenade”
Kyra Gomes – “E Ku’u Ipo”
Chris Cook – “What They Say”
Turtle – “The Sweetest Brew”

The judges for the event included music producer Charles Michal Brotman, Kahilu Theatres’ Artistic Director Chuck Gessert, and several other music professionals. The judges made their decision based on performance and audience cheers. There was a third-place tie that went to Skyla Van Zandt and Ka’ahele. Marrianne Bacon took second and the first-place winner was Kyra Gomes.

The crowd was also entertained by a set from local musicians Mark Yamanaka, Maelan Abran, Ryan Higgins, and Olelo.

Watch the May 27, 2018 competition here:

Watch the May 27, 2018 Free Concert here:

To learn more about or to register for this year’s Hawai’i Songwriting Festival Conference, please visit: http://www.kauaimusicfestival.com/about.html

Hawai’i Songwriting Festival
Mauna Lani Bay Hotel
July 19-21, 2018


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