Hawaiian Ukulele Artist Maka Gallinger Releases New Christmas Album


Big Island musician and vocalist Maka Gallinger has just announced the release of her new holiday album Let Earth Receive Her King. The ten-track recording is available now on all streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Pandora. The entire album is also available for download and streaming straight from her website.

Not Your average Christmas album. Hints of reggae and blues give it a unique and defined sound... 
Taylor M, Philadelphia

A soulful twist on Christmas classics…
Dave D., Hawaii

As Maka’s first self-produced release she brings a refreshing new sound to Ten of her favorite Christmas hymns. The album features a one-of-a-kind electric ukulele and vocal blend by Maka, creating a unique and uplifting vibe.

Produced and recorded solely by Gallinger in her South Kona off-grid home studio, the album features one of a kind electric ukulele and vocals, creating a unique and uplifting vibe. As her first self-produced release, the album and its contents are one that has long been desired by the artist for years. Inspired by her love for God and music, Gallinger brings a refreshing take on 10 of her favorite classic Christmas hymns.

Bio: Maka Gallinger is a Hawaii Island musician with a passion for songwriting and performing. Before COVID she was a full-time performer for private events and weddings, resort gigs, and was the lead musician for the Island Breeze Luau in Kona. Gallinger has recently turned her focus to writing, creating, and producing her own music as she prepares for multiple album releases in 2021.


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