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The Letdown


For Hawaii-born singer, songwriter and musical innovator Higgs, it all started with rhythm. He picked up his first set of drumsticks while still in middle school, and since then he knew music was what he wanted to do. True, these days he favors his trusty tenor ukulele, but percussion has stuck with him throughout his musical career. Higgs productions defy any single genre, drawing on elements of the three  (rap, reggae, and R&B) to create a sound wholly his own. His music creates an open and authentic atmosphere, inviting listeners to connect with him at a basic human level and shake up the status quo.

With lyrically-rich, soulful sound offerings, Higgs is here to make folks feel something. His songwriting “while introspective in nature- is motivated by a genuine desire to connect with listeners as they navigate the complex and nuanced landscape of the human experience. Whether you’re laughing, crying, or just looking for an excuse to get out of bed in the morning, Higgs gets it. And he’s here to say you’re not alone. Inspired by his personal faith and drawing on the experience of battling an ongoing health condition, his music is for the deep thinkers, the poets, the ones who have struggled or those who are still struggling.

The 28 year-old Higgs has been honing his skills as a songwriter & musician since he went solo in 2012. His debut album, The Letdown was recorded at Biggerkid Studios in Waimea, Hawaii, and is available wherever records are sold online..

Released: June 2, 2016
All songs written by Higgs (Ryan Higgins)
Additional vocals by Chase, Carl, Emma Kauhane & Alan Ku.
Additional instrumentation by Brad Bordessa & Alan Ku.
Recorded at Bigger Kid Studio

“Hawaii-based singer-songwriter and rapper Ryan Higgins brings his urban, island-infused style into soulful, groovy alternative pop songs…As a whole, The Letdown is a glance into Higgs’s ability and talent in the field of music” -Andrew Westberry, nomoredivision.com


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