Hilo Rockers Return With New Music Video – Come In (The Water’s Fine)


Hilo rock band Technical Difficulties has surfaced with a new music video titled Come In (The Water’s Fine). Directed by Derek Frey, the video features footage from Frey’s 2016 award-winning horror film Green LakeCome In showcases TD’s leads Trever Veilleux and RaVani Flood telling the story of a group who venture into Green Lake, encountering a seductive Mo’o creature.  Havoc ensues, turning their once tranquil vacation into a slaughter.

Director Derek Frey’s Commentary:

Last January I rang in 2018 at a property on the Kapoho bayfront.  It was a memorable time, months before the June 2nd destruction of Green Lake and over 700 homes in and around the Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland communities.  

All locations from my 2016 film Green Lake were effectively destroyed, as well as the property I stayed at in January.  Sitting unedited from a trip in 2015 was footage of Trever Veilleux and RaVani Flood for a film clip-based music video for Come In (The Water’s Fine)by Technical Difficulties.  I have a long-standing creative collaboration with Technical Difficulties and the shoot provided an opportunity to return to the Hawaiian Paradise Park property where I filmed my first music video for TD, Sex is Easier, in 2001.  Flash forward to 2015 while I was editing Green Lake, Trever Veilleux dusted off a concept he had for a song years before, which he thought was a good fit for the film. Technical Difficulties is no stranger to contributing songs to film’s I’ve worked on, having lent a track, along with my video clip, from their song Mr. Quiet to Tim Burton’s 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I find their music to be sonically cinematic, which is why I was drawn to their music in the first place.

Songwriter Trever Veilleux’s Commentary:

I had this song, originally titled “Siren Song” kicking around for years, but for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to finish it. It had parts that I really liked, and that stuck with me, but something essential was missing and I eventually gave up on it. Then years later I was present for the filming of a few scenes of Derek’s film Green Lake, and I thought that the mood and lyrical content of Siren Song would be perfect for the movie. I sent Derek a demo of Siren Song and he apparently heard some potential there and encouraged me to finish it. The film Green Lake was the inspiration I needed to complete the song. I remember going swimming at the Wai O’pai tide pools with my daughter (which sadly no longer exist due to the same lava flow that destroyed Green Lake) and finishing the song very quickly while sitting on the lava rocks looking at the ocean, singing parts to myself and bouncing lyric ideas off my daughter.


Derek Frey’s official website: http://www.lazerfilm.com
Technical Difficulties – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TDHawaii
Technical Difficulties – Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/channels/technicaldiffculties

“Come In (The Water’s Fine)”
Song by Technical Difficulties
Available on the album A Big Distraction

Photos provided by Trever Veilleux


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