Hilo’s Average Joes Release New Single “Better Days”


Average Joe’s, one of the Big Island’s busiest and hardiest working bands (pre-pandemic) released their first single this week called “Better Days.” The original upbeat rocker is new territory for the cover band, and something they’ve wanted to do for a long time.

During this downtime as we ride out the pandemic, most bands and artists are wondering when a sense of normalcy and live music will return. But for the Average Joes, and more specifically their band leader Sabate, the break is a mixed blessing because of the recent studio work he’s been undertaking. The band is using the time off from live shows to cross off a bucket list item they wanted to do since the creation of the band – release a record!

“We wanted to write a record that is “linear” with our cover catalog,” Sabate said in an email to Big Island Music Magazine. “We were totally thinking about playing the new material live, but we kept the set to popular cover tunes to get people dancing. With the new single, we are going in the direction of rockers like Ritchie Kotzen (Poison), Glenn Hughes (Trapeze), Lenny Kravitz, and a lot of melodic rock. It’s a good compromise to get people moving but still get our rock on.”

“This song is not a pandemic-related tune,” remarked Sabate, “that would be too cliché.” “It’s about having hope during any rough times and coming out of the other side to a ‘Better Day.’ We hope it brings a smile to everyone going through a rough time.”

Average Joes released “Better Days” on May 25, and the song will also appear on their upcoming album, Play That Disco, coming later this year. The single was written, performed, and recorded by Sabate (guitar, vocals, keys, drums, and drum programming), and Sayers (bass). So far, Sabate notes, the writing process has been him and Sayers sending ideas back and forth and shaping them into songs. “Better Day’s” can currently be heard on YouTube with other platforms to be added son.

Play That Disco, will feature Sabate and Sayers handling the writing, arranging, producing, and performing it with a few possible guest appearances.

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