Indie-artist The Oceanographers Release New Single “After Quarantine”


Written during isolation and recorded over Zoom calls in the span of two and a half weeks, “After Quarantine” by The Oceanographers is a reflection of the new reality facing everyone during the historical moment of the Corona-Virus crisis. Although musically upbeat and reminiscent of The Beach Boys’ iconic LP Pet Sounds, “After Quarantine” is a four-minute flurry of emotions: a stream-of-consciousness experience providing an emotional time-capsule from inside the heart of shelter-in-place.

A desire to connect more fully overflows from lead singer-songwriter, Justin Miyamoto’s vocals. The irony of isolation is that it is putting us face to face with our deepest selves, forcing us to choose appreciation over fear, worry, and boredom. “We’re all a little sick from dealing with quarantine,” Justin laments, “I was trying to give voice to all those collective little feelings we are all having and bring healing through knowing we aren’t alone.”

Lyrically, the song is as rich as the music: “Into the future we go, the information warps all of our souls. And all I want is to be free, to break through the glass, break through the screen. The future times converge at once, and look at what we have all become, and do you have all of the things you need? Because I want to see you again after quarantine.”

Even the recording process was reflective of the new reality. Recorded in Oahu and California, Miyamoto collaborated with producers Steven Leavitt and Raul A Hernandez of I Create Sound from Los Angeles, California, to get the large sound of authentic drums and bass. “I really wanted to go all-out for this music, so I hired two amazing producers/musicians who I’ve known for a long time from my time in California. I really do miss going to and playing shows for people. I think we all were channeling a lot of that performance energy when creating this song.”

The Oceanographers is the musical project of lead singer-songwriter Justin Miyamoto, now residing on Oahu, Hawaii. The Oceanographers made a splash in the Big Island music scene when they released their debut self-titled album on Earth Day, April 2014, in Hilo, Hawai’i.

“It just feels like this is a huge moment we as musicians need to address,” says Miyamoto, “We aren’t able to perform in person anymore. It’s like we are simultaneously longing for a time when things were better yet looking forward to the massive changes, we need to get through this.”

“After Quarantine” was released May 19, 2020, and can be heard on all streaming platforms via this link:


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