Jesse Snyder Releases New Single “Waikiki” From Upcoming Album “MUSE”


Jesse Snyder, Big island saxophonist and primary horn arranger for Kahulanui ‘s 2018 Na Hoku Hanohano Award (Best Jazz Album) and now vocalist, recently released a third single “Waikiki” from his solo vocal album MUSE to coincide with Waikiki opening up on Sundays in June for “Kalakaua Open Street Sundays.”

In these restrictive times, Snyder has reminisced about the fun performances, eating, playing, and the camaraderie experienced in Waikiki with other musicians and good friends.

He sings Andy Cumming’s classic tune “Waikiki” with heartfelt, subtle phrasing and innovative stylings savoring those memories. Highlighted by Dwight Tokumoto on nostalgic steel guitar and the musicianship of Matt Spencer and Curt Warren round out the rest of the tune.

MUSE is set to be released in the coming month and may come as a surprise to those who know Snyder as a whimsical and vivacious sax player in Kahulanui performances.  On Muse, he pays tribute to the most inspirational and supportive people that have had a significant impact on him throughout his life.  It has been a labor of love producing this album dedicated and inspired by the muses that have shaped and colored his life.

Snyder’s vision for the album is to evoke an unparalleled musical experience through intimacy and love.


Jesse Snyder is a musician, arranger, composer, and vocalist. As one of the most sought-after musicians in Hawai’i, he utilizes a number of instruments for both live performances and recording sessions. He plays tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, flute, drums, percussion and sings for a range of musical genres including jazz, neo-soul, R&B, reggae, hip hop, Brazilian and contemporary jazz, lending fresh energy to every performance. When performing, his classic cool style is light-hearted with whimsical riffs, to down deep and soulful or funky and creatively upbeat with hi-hat or his signature high kick, he is always involved and enthusiastic.

He also plays traditional Hawaiian nose flute and ipu (gourd) when performing with award-winning group Kahulanui.

Visit and download his music and watch the mini videos.

Featured image: Steve Roby


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