Kona’s Kellian and Company Release New Song/Music Video


Kailua-Kona writer and musician Dennis Lee Foster has released a new song and music video “She Wanted It To Be Different.” The song is performed by his folk/rock jazz fusion group Kellian and Company. The video and song are based on a true story of life and death in the homeless camps of Kailua-Kona. The video is a visual poem weaving gripping images and scenes designed to stimulate the audience’s emotions, intellectual awareness, and artistic appreciation.

Back Story

Two weeks before Valentine’s Day, 2018, a woman died of a heroin overdose in a drainage ditch beneath the busiest intersection in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Her body was dragged out and laid on the ground, hidden by weeds, where she lay until the stench of her corpse became overwhelming to all who passed by. When she was younger, she had been selected from a group to become a model, to be educated in Spain. She rejected the opportunity for reasons she never told. One night, she crawled out of the bedroom window where she was living with her parents, to join up with the homeless man on whose lap she died in the filthy corrugated steel tunnel reeking of human waste. He denied having given her the heroine. The camp was well established, with no authorities willing to intercede, despite the drugs, the thieving, and the horrendous living conditions that went on in public view. In the end, no one was held accountable.

 I had written a poem for Poetry Quarterly starting with the line “She could have been an actress once, or a model, or a nurse,” not about a specific individual, but about all women whose lives become entangled in relationships, circumstances, and events that lead them into roles they would never have selected for themselves if they had known the outcome. I wanted to say something about the girl who died in the drainage ditch in Kona. I didn’t know her well but had met her a few times here and there. She was serene, eccentric, and shy, but always had a gracious smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Once, she blew me a kiss and smiled.

 The song is also about all the women who wanted their lives to be different, but, one way or another, perished in homelessness – run over by a bulldozer, murdered in their sleep, or died of malnutrition. Like my other songs, it’s a poetical expression in music and song, just as the video is a visual poem, exquisitely performed by all who contributed.

– Dennis Lee Foster

About Kellian and Company: Kellian, Dessie, and Dennis

Kellian is an international recording artist and voiceover artist who has sung for Nintendo, the band Blind Guardian, and with names such as Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees) and Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black) among others. Before becoming a recording artist, she was a production assistant with MTV and performed vocals and voiceovers on motion pictures. Her versatility and depth are showcased in the various albums and singles released by Kellian and Company, ranging from jazz and folk rock to dance music and pop.

Dessie gained a reputation as a leading interpreter of popular, folk, and classical songs in Bulgaria. Her passionate backup and lead vocals show off her exceptional talent and versatility.

Dennis plays electric and acoustic guitar, and arranges the bass, drums, and orchestral accompaniments. He also writes and produces the songs and creates the music videos.

The band’s songs are complemented by various studio musicians who have been inspired to help bring these musical poems to life.

Visit Kellian and Company’s site: http://kellianandcompany.com


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