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The Songs & Stories podcast features host Steve Roby speaking with Hawai’i island’s top musicians about the stories behind their favorite songs and creative writing process. Season Two starts on September 17, 2020. The weekly podcast is produced by Big Island Music Magazine and available on all major streaming platforms.

Songs & Stories: Season One

S1, E1: Music From An Empty Palace
Show Notes: Host Steve Roby interviews writer/producer Zoe Eisenberg, Hilo Palace Executive Director Phillips Payson, and musician Drew Daniels about their new video series Live From The Empty Palace. Drew Daniels performs two originals, “Find Our Way” and “United States of Consciousness.” 

Big Island Music Magazine · Podcast: Music From An Empty Palace

S1, E2: Bending Elbows
Show Notes: Host Steve Roby interviews the Hilo-based Country band Bending Elbows.
The episode also features two original songs: “That Lost Highway,” a song about the island’s
2018 volcano eruption. “Country Town” is about playing music together with friends, Kanikapila

Big Island Music Magazine · Podcast: Bending Elbows (S1 E2)

S1, E3: Robert Savery
Show Notes: Born in Louisiana and growing up on Oahu, Robert Savery got his start with music in
the fourth grade. In 1987, Robert and his brother Richard formed The Savery Brothers, a six-piece
group specializing in old-style country music playing gritty honky-tonks. In this episode,
Robert will discuss two of his originals: “Under The Monkey Pod Tree,” and “I’ve Got a Good Song
To Sing.”

S1, E4: Brother Noland
Show Notes: Brother Noland is a musician and author, known chiefly as a performer of Hawaiian music and slack-key guitar. Noland was raised in a musical family; his mother and brother were hula dancers, and he began playing music in clubs while still a teenager in the 1960s. This interview was recorded on July 12, 2020, and features two songs from his Kahilu Theatre benefit concert at the Mauna Lani Resort.

S1, E5: K.O.A.
Show Notes: On this week’s episode, we’ll talk with K.O.A (Kauz of Affliction), one of the few punk bands on the Big Island. We’ll also listen to two of their singles, “Aloha Friday,” and Give It A Chance.” Hailing from Ocean View, Hawaii, K.O.A. and features Erik Wilcox, Justine Hanchar, and Laura Roberts.

S1, E6: Average Joes
Show Notes: Host Steve Roby speaks with Ryan Sabate, frontman for Hilo’s most popular club band The Average Joes. The Averages Joes usually play a mix of Top-40 pop hits, but during the pandemic, they’re focusing on a new album. Featured in the show are the songs “Alive” and “Play That disco.”

Big Island Music Magazine · Songs & Stories Podcast: Averages Joes

S1, E7: El Sancho
Show Notes: El Sancho is a punk rock band based in Waikoloa Village on the Big Island. While some may think that Hawaii is home to soft-strumming ukuleles with palm trees swaying along the beach, the State has a long history of punk bands that have played turbo-powered music since the late ‘70s.

S1, E8: Jaz Kaiwiko’o
Show Notes: Jaz Kaiwiko’o is a Big Island radio personality and music producer from Holualoa. Originally from San Francisco, Jaz started off as a Hip-Hop DJ & rapper in 1983, got first record Deal in 1989. Jaz moved to Hawaii in 1993, became part of the Hoku Award-Winning Band Ehukai, and is now producer and co-owner of the Lahui Project, which focuses on Hawaiian and R&B music.

S1, E9: Don May
Show Notes: Don May is an award-winning songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. A veteran of the Austin, Texas music scene, May divides his time between Hawaii, Austin, and Nashville. In this episode, he shares two new songs “Cool Little Town” and “The Devil’s Footprints.” 

S1, E10: Mark Yamanaka
Show Notes: This episode of Songs & Stories features an interview with multiple Nä Hökü Hanohano Award winner Mark Yamanaka. It was recorded at the Mauna Lani Resort on July 19, 2020, and features his songs “Lei Lehua” and “Kaleo`O Nalani.”

S1, Bonus Episode
Show Notes: Hāwane Rios is a kanaka‚ oiwi (native Hawaiian) singer-songwriter from Waimea, Hawaii. She was raised from an early age in the traditional art forms of chant and dance which inspired her passion for music and songwriting. This episode of Songs & Stories is a special bonus episode released in conjunction with Hāwane Rios’ new 3-D Headphone Version of “Kū kiaʻi Mauna Together We Rise”

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