Makana Releases New Album: A Hawai’i Interlude


Renowned Hawai’i recording artist Makana has just digitally released his newest album, A Hawai’i Interlude, a 20-song instrumental collection. Recorded over the past two years, Makana has woven a new sound with the music of Hawai’i, blending traditional instruments like ‘ukulele and slack key guitar with modern sounds to create a fresh, instantly captivating listening experience.

Album description
Pioneering new, inspiring soundscapes in Hawaiian music, this huge 20-song instrumental collection weaves you- the listener- directly into the very fabric of Hawai’i’s inclusive culture. Energizing, musically rich, and diverse, A Hawai’i Interlude is signature Makana, venturing beyond familiar boundaries to discover Hawai’i in a fresh and invigorating fashion. From ‘ukulele to jazz, slack key to ambient, bossa to bluegrass and lounge to cinematic, A Hawai’i Interlude explores uncharted sonic territories without losing touch with the timeless roots of Hawai’i’s rich musical heritage.

A message about the album from Makana
The diversity of Hawai’i has always been a source of inspiration and pride in my heart. People, food, ethnic idiosyncrasies, customs, and heritage arts come together to weave a collective culture- and place- like no other to be found on Earth. Our music- the music of Hawai’i- has evolved from its earliest roots as an expression of a genealogical and historical narrative to a vividly prismatic palette of influences from around the globe. These influences, from the Portuguese cavaquinho– a predecessor to the ‘ukulele- to the banjo, from hula kahiko to the Victorian-era compositions of Hawaiian royalty, from vaqueros music to the Prussian inspired anthems of the Royal Hawaiian Band, have wholly transformed the music of Hawai’i into music of the world. In creating my new album A Hawai’i Interlude, I ventured beyond my early work on Kōī Au (2002) to curate a musical journey capable of conveying authentic Hawai’i, as experienced by local people born-and-raised in this cultural melting pot. Beginning with ‘ukulele as my foundation (it was the original instrument I learned music through at the age of 9), I’ve envisioned music that- through elements of pure atmosphere, adept fingerpicking, the grandeur of Hawai’i’s ‘āina, and a fierce hunger to articulate new sounds- seamlessly weaves traditional and contemporary Hawaiian, jazz, bluegrass, ambient, chill, and cinematic genres together on a dreamy, inspiriting trip into Hawai’i through our infinite imagination. Artists like DeShannon Higa (trumpet), Lopaka Colon (percussion), Jeff Peterson (guitar), and Riley Lee (shakuhachi) have been instrumental in transforming certain songs into never-before-heard, genre-transcending collaborations. In essence, we’ve tried to stretch our imaginations so that yours, too, could be expanded through this music.

The title, A Hawai’i Interlude, signifies this 20-song instrumental collection as Hawai’i-inspired, and refers to the value and power of time spent in Hawai’i. For most, this time is but a brief interlude. And yet, for Hawai’i herself- this “little place where the waters of life flow”– this brief interlude- a break from the adverse impacts of over-tourism- is a much-needed blessing that is even now allowing for the regeneration of our environment to occur. As we all contemplate the possibility of a very different world moving forward, I hope we can collectively envision a more balanced existence. Let’s allow this break from normality to give to us.

Join me for A Hawai’i Interlude.

Aloha, Makana

How to listen

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To purchase the album on a mobile device, open the “iTunes Store” app on your mobile device, then search for Makana A Hawai’i Interlude.

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About Makana
Born and raised on O’ahu, Hawai’i, Makana is an internationally acclaimed slack key guitarist, singer, composer, and activist. He has been called: “the greatest living player” by Esquire magazine; “a dynamic force” by The New York Times; “master of the Hawaiian slack-key guitar” by The Seattle Times. The prestigious National Geographic Society notes that he is “charting a new sonic frontier with deep ties to tradition.” Makana’s songs have been featured on 3 Grammy-nominated albums: Hawaiian Slack Key Kings, Vol. 1 and 2, and the soundtrack for the Academy Award-winning movie The Descendants. Learn more at

Featured photo: Lexi Makenzi-Galisteo


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