Markus Mars Coming to Honoka’a People’s Theater July 26


Markus Mars will be performing at the Honokaa People’s Theatre on Friday, July 26, at 7 p.m. Based out of Hawai’i, the electric freestyle violinist creates interdimensional live looping vibes with a 5-string electric violin, didgeridoo, and cajón. He composes entire concerts in front of the audience, with the audience, and makes each performance a unique experience by picking up the existing energy fields of the room, combining them with the vibes of the present energies, and transforming them into an audible superfood. Ticket info below.

Markus Mars is the space to earth musical manifestation of an ongoing celestial journey throughout the furthest reaches of the cosmos with terrestrial origins in the volcanic jungles of Hawai’i Island. An interdimensional entity, equipped with a 5-string electric violin, a telescopic didgeridoo, a cajón, a microphone, and a loop station starts live streaming psychedelic world music vibes straight into your auditory canals.

His unique style is a well-balanced blend of improvised performance, inspired by elements of his eclectic musical career and artists such as Jean-Luc Ponty, Andrew Bird, Steve Reich, Shpongle, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis.

Mars started his human journey in the Austria Alps. After being trained in classical music for over 15 years, composing for and touring with several Symphonic Orchestras and Chamber Orchestras, he started playing the drums and electric violin in rock, blues, world music, and fusion bands. He soon discovered his passion for electronic music making and started performing and touring internationally. His debut album Live At Perfect Harmony is now available.

If You Go… Have A Good Show!

Event:  Markus Mars @ Honoka’a People’s Theater
When: Friday, July 26, 2019, 7– 9:00 p.m.
Where: Honoka’a People’s Theatre, 45-3574 Mamane Street, Honokaa
Cost: Early Bird Tickets: $15 (Waimea General Store & Online). Door Tickets: $20-$30 (Sliding Scale)
Info: Eventbrite

Markus Mars online

Photo credit: Michael Ciarleglio


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