Punk Band El Sancho Collaborates with 7-Year-Olds for New Single


“I’m Unhappy to Live on Earth” is the 2nd release from the Big Island band and features The Grenades, a youth musical duo.

El Sancho, a Big Island punk rock band based in Waikoloa Village, released a new single, “I’m Unhappy to Live on Earth,” on Spotify today, along with a music video for the song on YouTube.

The song was co-written with the Grenades, a duo of 7-year-olds that includes the son of El Sancho guitarist Alan Kasameyer.

“The kids were trying to channel pure rock and roll anger, and the angriest thing they came up with was not liking earth. Like who does that?!” said Kasameyer. The Grenades provided the original inspiration as well as some lyrics, and El Sancho rounded out the song. The recording begins with the Grenades describing the song and drummer Corinne’s cheerful declaration “It’s by the Grenades! 1, 2, 3 Hit it!” before El Sancho launches in with a solid minute and a half of punk rock mayhem.

The music video for the song mixes fan footage from a recent El Sancho concert in Hilo with astronaut training footage, riffing on the song’s theme of wanting to leave Earth for another planet.

This is the second release from El Sancho, who released a four-song EP on CD as well as digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube in late 2019. El Sancho has been performing on the Big Island since 2018 and plans release an album later this year.


El Sancho opens for Southern California punk rock legends D.I. at the Hilo Town Tavern on Friday, March 6. Tickets are $20 at the door and it is restricted to those 21 and over, so, unfortunately, The Grenades will not be making a guest appearance. Also on the bill are the Oahu-based punk band Superfuct and the Big Island debut performance of Puna’s Badass Noise.


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