Sci-fi Rock Musical Comedy “Cosmic Space for Eternity” Debuts at Palace Theater Nov. 15-16


Cosmic Space for Eternity is a romping rock musical comedy about four aliens and their spacetime bending experiences with the folks they encounter on Earth. The original play was written by Ivan Slezak and East Hawai’i residents, Maj Balej and Margaret Stanton, with music by Maj Balej. It will make its Big Island debut at the Hilo Palace Theatre for a two-night run, Nov. 15-16 at 7 p.m. Ticket info below.

Created in the style of Dada, this witty, hilarious sci-fi comedy features lively music and a cast of local singers, actors and musicians. Science buffs will enjoy references to astrophysics throughout the play and freaks will enjoy mild references to sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Theatergoers can expect colorful, scenic backdrops, creative lighting effects, and state of the art sound quality. A live ensemble band features Brent Magstadt on guitar, keyboards and mandolin, Steve Fundy on lead guitar and ukulele, Mike Evans on Saxophone, Margaret (Peggy) Stanton on bass guitar and Maj Balej on drums.

Cast members: Robert Triptow, Ilana Acevedo, Ethel Mann, Ray Todd, Sherri Thal

From the moment four aliens show up in a Bavarian Beer garden, the Cast of “Characters!” Including a Waitress, a Drunk, a Paparazzi, an Alchemist, an Enchantress, a Street Mime, a Hermit, and a Celestial Fairy will keep theatergoers laughing until the end.

The adventure continues as the four aliens teleport to a coffee shop in Amsterdam, encounter civilization and fall in love!

Following a silly, random prophecy, the aliens exit through the nearest wormhole to a beer stand by a shady lake, and the raucous culmination of sound and vibration occurs in a crazy finale, typical of Dada Art.

Popping up everywhere to serve drinks, Suzanne MacAdam plays a truly amusing waitress, who sings titles such as Universe of Holes, My Beloved Left Me and Heart Chakra. Other lead singers include Sherri Thal as Alien One, singing Civilization, Our Hair Turned Grey and The Art of Hanging Out. Lace Carrillo sings The Enchantress’s Song.

“As one of the creators, I couldn’t wish for a better Cast. For this original play, each member has developed their role together with us out of thin air! These hilarious characters have come to life and completely surpassed my own imagination of what could be!” Margaret Stanton

If you go… Have a good show!

Event: With Cosmic Space For Eternity
Where: Hilo Palace Theatre, 38 Haili Street, Hilo.
When: Friday and Saturday, Nov. 15-16. Doors: 6 p.m. Show: 7 p.m.
Cost: $15 General Admission. $25 Reserve. All tickets are $5 more on the day of the show.
Info: Tickets are available at the Palace Theater Box Office or over the phone at (808) 934-7010, Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.  More info at the Hilo Palace Theatre’s website.


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