Songs & Stories Podcast: Bub Pratt

Songs & Stories Podcast: S2 E4
Show Notes: Hilo musician and curator of Kukuau Studio, Bub Pratt, talks about his new multi-artist album Kukuau Compilation. In this episode, you’ll get to hear three tracks from the upcoming release. Check out an excerpt from the podcast’s transcript below.
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Steve Roby: We’re here to talk about your new Kukuau Compilation album. But before we dive into that, for the listeners who don’t know you, and since the podcast goes all the way around the world, tell us about your music career and how you got to the Big Island.

Bub Pratt: I was born in Seattle and went to a school for music outside of Seattle. I studied for a long time and became a full-time musician almost 20 years ago. Including this new compilation, it’s going to be about six or seven records that I have out now. And each one gets a little better than the last one [laughs].

I’m kind of a jazz musician by trade, but I also like to do the singer-songwriter thing. I’ve been teaching music, teach guitar mostly, It’ was nine years in August that I decided to make the move over to the Big Island. It was like 2010 or 2011, and I was like selling my plasma to the pay rent then. All of my students dried up, all my gigs dried up too. It was really bad…

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