Songs & Stories Podcast: Lightnin’ Larry Dupio


Songs & Stories
Season 2, Episode 3
Show Notes: Larry Dupio is an amazing Blues guitarist and won a Nā Hōkū Hanohano award for his Rock album Lightnin’ Strikes Hilo. Love and Lightning is Dupio’s seventh release and three songs from that recording are featured in this episode.

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Larry Dupio on the web:

Steve Roby: Aloha, Larry. Let’s start with a brief overview of your music career so far.

Larry Dupio: I started way back, and this might sound like a long time ago, but in 1968, my father got me into that musician’s union, and he was very instrumental in me getting my musician’s union card, and I got gigs right away. And here we are 50 years later!

Roby: That’s the real short version. (laughs) I’m sure there’s a lot more that happened a few awards along the way.

Dupio: In 2000, there was a reader’s poll, and I got chosen as the “Best on both sides of the Island.” The band I had at the time was just called the Larry Dupio Band, which is how it started. It was like one of those naming sessions, and after about one hundred names, of what to call the band, we ended up calling it after me because we just got exhausted. (laughs).


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