Songs & Stories Podcast: Talking Story with Guitarist Tomi Isobe


Songs & Stories Podcast: S3, E 1

Show Notes: Blues guitarist Tomi Isobe celebrates his 10-year tenure on the Big Island of Hawaii with a new album called Ko’u Huaka’i (My Journey). It’s a different musical path for Isobe and he’s joined by the legendary Sonny Lim on guitar.

Isobe joins host Steve Roby, and they play three tracks from the new release. You’ll hear “Big Island Blues,” “Na Vaqueros,” and “Sukiyaki-Ue Wo Muite Arukou.” The guitarist also takes on the challenge of singing in English, Hawaiian, Japanese, and Spanish. Fans can preview and purchase the album here.

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Connect with Tomi Isobe.

Steve Roby: Let’s talk about your music background, especially your passion for the blues.

Tomi Isobe: I was born in Japan in a city near Tokyo and Nagoya on the Pacific Ocean coast. When I was 12, I started playing guitar with my classmate and I was just strumming acoustic guitar, you know, and tried to sing some Japanese folk song. I came home and heard some electrifying music coming out of my brother’s bedroom. It was Johnny Winter’s Saints album.

I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to go to America and play electric guitar. I also wanted to come to Hawaii, even though I was in Georgia for a long time., I eventually wanted to move to Hawaii, especially on the Big Island. Seven days after I arrived on the island, I was already playing music…



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