Songs & Stories Podcast: Talking Story with Musical Director Trever Veilleux


Normally this time of year, Musical Director Trever Veilleux would be preparing the UH Hilo Jazz Orchestra for its annual double-dose of Frank Zappa tribute concerts, however, the pandemic prevented that. Although folks won’t be lining up outside of the Performance Center to hear their interpretations, Veilleux appears on this episode of the Songs & Stories podcast and selects tunes from previous concerts and a new one from his band Professor T & The Eastside Shredders.

“Zappa’s music can be very difficult to play and the students in the band rise to the challenge, putting in countless practice hours in order to play this stuff correctly. I think someone coming to see one of our concerts for the first time will notice that we put a lot of effort into putting on a fun and entertaining show. What you will see is more akin to a rock concert than a typical university jazz band recital.” — Trever Veilleux

In 2017, the UH Hilo Jazz Orchestra was joined by Dweezil Zappa, Frank’s son and a Grammy award-winning guitarist, and had plans to perform in Germany at a Zappa tribute festival during the summer of 2020. Although that aspiration was paused due to COVID travel restrictions, they did offer video performances from past shows.

Season 3, Episode 2
Show Notes: In this episode, you’ll hear concert recordings of “Uncle Remus,” Outside Now,” and new material from Professor T & The East Side Shredders. Some listeners may object to the explicit lyrics found in several of these songs. To roughly quote Zappa, “This ‘podcast’ contains material which a truly free society would neither fear nor suppress.”

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Photo: Steve Roby


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