Songs & Stories Podcast: Talking Story with The Kona Rogues


Songs & Stories Podcast: S2, E9

Show Notes: In this episode, our guests are Irminsul Harp and Joanie Collins from the Celtic-rock fusion band known as The Kona Rogues. From their debut album, Battin’ Down The Hatches, you’ll hear “Pikes Will Be Together” and “OroSeDo.”

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Connect with the Kona Rouges: Batten Down The Hatches is available for purchase on Spotify, AppleMusic, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Bandcamp, and most major online outlets.  Follow them on Facebook.

Steve Roby: How did The Kona Rogues come together?

Irminsul Harp: Joanie [Collins] and I were playing we’re sitting in with a band called Craiceáilte, which is done by my good friend Chris Cusick here on the island. We were doing a St. Patty’s Day gig down at a local venue called Quinn’s Almost By The Sea. We were just having a heck of a good time and taking Irish music and kicking it up more than a few notches into what I would just consider closer to rock than just what you might think is traditional Irish music. Shortly after that, maybe about a year or so after that, I called Joannie on a lark and saying, ‘You know, we ought to do this full-on. What do you think about getting into a Celtic rock fusion group? You know, doing what you do with violin and I’ll do what I do on harp, and add some other people for a full band.” And she said, “Absolutely!” She was into it. I pulled together some material, and just started tossing it her way, and she took it and ran with it, with her violin. And man, you know, I loved it! And the rest is, here we are.

Roby: Is that how it came together, Jonnie?

Joanie Collins: That is pretty much it. And, you know, Irminsul is such a joy to play with. He’s one of the few people I play with that we can start off with, say, Pachelbel and all of a sudden one of us gets this harebrained idea to segue into “Eleanor Rigby,” or, you know, a Led Zeppelin song. The other one will just go, “Oh, that’s where we’re going.” He’ll just throw his head back, let out a big laugh, and off we go!



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