Songs & Stories Podcast: Talking Story with Ydine


Songs & Stories Podcast: S2, E10

Show Notes: Ydine is a soulful songstress based out of Hawaii island. She performs throughout the islands as a solo artist and with her band anOtherEvolution, an ever-evolving ensemble of musicians. In this episode you’ll hear two originals “Yes I” and the title track of her current album “Belly of the Whale.”

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Connect with Ydine:

Steve Roby: How did you get started with music, and what inspired you?

Ydine: My dad really wanted me to play when I was young and tried to send me to piano lessons. We had guitars lying around the house and I could not be forced to touch an instrument. I refused and rallied against piano lessons, and he was just so sad because he never had that opportunity growing up.

And then somehow when I turned twenty-seven, I realized that I really wanted to be able to play the guitar so that I could sing with myself. I started to play the guitar at 27 and then ended up on a sailing trip for a year with a friend who knew how to play music and knew the circle of fifths, and he was a bass player. So, he really kind of taught me the ropes on this very aspect. I started playing the guitar then and then piano. I was probably about thirty-five when I started picking up the piano. So, it’s not advised, but it is possible. [laughs]

Roby: It’s good to know a couple of instruments, right?

Ydine: Yeah. It’s like different languages that you can then overlay on each other and learn between the languages.

Roby: Was there a certain moment or a certain musician that inspired you to want to become a musician?

Ydine: Nope. It was more like I was finally finding myself. I feel like I had spent so many years kind of either doing what others expected of me or just like not really being in touch with what I really wanted in my life.



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