Talking Story: Manny “Boy” Varize Jr.


I had the pleasure of interviewing slack-key guitar player Manny “Boy” Varize Jr. at his home in Hilo, Hawaii. We talked about his history of playing music on the Big Island.

Over the years he’s played with many legendary musicians, and continues to perform for the public.

On this video he performs two of his songs, “Waiakea Town Railroad Blues” and “Ahualoa.”

Mahalo to the Varize family for organizing this opportunity to document this local musician.


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  1. JoAnn Garrigan on

    I heard Mr. Manny Boy Varize play in a variety show at the Palace Theater in Hilo and was dumbfounded. He played the song, “If I Could Only Fly,” by Blaze Foley. Amazing performance. I wish I had a recording of him performing. He is an iconic Hawaiian Slack key musician and his vocals were so unforgettable. MAHALO NUI, MANNY

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