Two-fer Tuesday – New Big Island Music You Should Check Out


Two new tunes by two Big Island musicians that you should give a listen to. This week we are featuring Nick Wong’s “Alone Again,” and Lopaka Rootz’ “Take it Easy.”

Nick Wong

Bio: Nick Wong is a 15-year-old drummer, songwriter, and vocalist from the Big Island of Hawaii. Whether it’s a live gig or studio recording session, Nick is frequently hired to play drums for various musicians and groups. You’ll be able to find Nick gigging with artists like one of the island’s top pianist, Loren Wilken, and many more throughout the Big Island on a regular basis. Along with that, Nick spends time teaching the drum and percussion class at Big Island Music Academy, and private drum lessons in his home studio.

Nick Wong: “Alone Again” is my brand-new single about the feeling of wanting to be away from the world for a moment – to learn about yourself, and to get away from the distractions of life so you can do the things you want to do.

“Alone Again” was recorded both at Lucas Clebsch’s studio, Truth’s House, and in my own home studio. Luke played guitar and produced the track, and Matt Spencer played bass on it. I’m so grateful for all the people who have helped me with this release. You can follow me on Instagram @ntw883, and my website is

“Alone Again” can be found on Apple Music:, and Google Play:

Lopaka Rootz

Bio: Lopaka Rootz is a musical artist, singer, songwriter, and lyricist. He hails from Kailua Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Growing up with a mixed plate of ethnicity and cultures. He learned that he possessed the same qualities as those around him but aspired to have his own identity. Understanding a perspective of life from a worldwide view allowed him to be in tune with the many different cultures of the world.

Lopaka Rootz: “Takin It Easy” was inspired after waking up on a beautiful Saturday morning In Kona after playing The Holualoa Festival Of lights the night before. Full of inspiration and good vibes, “Takin It Easy” basically fell from the heavens on to my guitar and was born within 35 Minutes. The oohs are how I remembered the melody.

Technical Notes: “Takin it Easy” was arranged written and I did the lead vocal. Pat Eskildsen plays rhythm and lead guitar and helped produce the track. Nikhil Narahari plays bass and harmony vocals and also helped produce the track. Sarah Bethany plays keys and sings harmony vocals. Jesse Snyder played sax and vibra slap. Michael Surprenant played drums/recorded/mixed/mastered and helped produce the track at his studio Mana Music Studio located In HPP.

“Takin it Easy” made its radio debut on Braddah G’s Hawai’i Homegrown Show On KAPA-FM this past Sunday (4/21/19) and also on Tiki Pod Internet Radio last Wednesday.  A music video is set to release in a couple of weeks. The song can be found on all music platforms.

Visit Lopaka Rootz online:

Big Island Musicians, want to tell us about your new single or album? Send us the info via our contact page. Please include press photos, a link to the track or album, a brief bio, and any other info about the recording that readers might find interesting.

Featured image by the Pineapple Supply Co. Nick Wong & Lopaka Rootz photos: Steve Roby


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