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Uma’s Ultimate Kona Konnection is a weekly column covering the music scene of Kailua Kona. This week she spotlights Bottle of Blue’s lead singer Scott Reagan.

When I was invited to share the Kona music scene, I had to jump on the opportunity. There’s a lot happening, and I hope to help you find what can be fun and entertaining in our fair city. You may already know or learn quickly that most things close early as compared to big cities on the mainland or even Honolulu, so try to get out early to catch the best entertainment.

This week I had the chance to interview Scott Reagan, lead singer for Bottle of Blue, Hawaii’s premier rock ‘n roll band. You can catch them most weekends and some Wednesdays at Kona Brew Pub, Laverne’s, and Huggo’s on the Rocks plus an occasional venue in Waikoloa, Hawi or Ocean View. Some months they play anywhere from 6 to 9 times, so you can probably catch a show soon.

Scott began the group with Marion Geruschat about 5 & 1/2 years ago in Naalehu. Their humble beginnings started by playing at local restaurants. Four or five months later, they sat in with a garage band, where they met Dan Corippo. He was ready to leave the garage and start playing out. The trio played Paradise Brewing Company every week for two years, during which they recorded their first CD full of original tunes. Soon after, they realized they would have to round out the band to sound like the CD. So, they added drums and bass. Bottle of Blue has had a few bass players and drummers over the years. Now they have Dave Ojeda on bass and Noah Eads on drums, with Bruce David filling in when Noah is out of town.

The main thing that sets Bottle of Blue apart from the crowd is their tight three-part harmony. They also add new songs, including originals about every month or so. When you go, expect killer classic rock plus entertaining originals. I had a lot of questions for Scott and he had a lot of answers…

Uma: How do you juggle a full-time job with playing music so much?

Scott: It is quite a juggling act, like trying to ride in a car learning songs. It can be a struggle yet when it’s a passion, you do what you can to make it work; the stress on life and relationships is worth it when you serve everyone. I like to try to make everyone around me happy, then I can allow myself the room to do what I love to do. Music is it. I manage to keep it all going.

Uma: What drives you?

Scott: There’s something magical about a group of people playing music when we get in the zone. The cooperation and effort is worth it when I see the reactions in the audience to our musical choices; the camaraderie we’ve developed touches all those people.

Uma: Do you write some of the band’s songs and where do you get your inspiration?

Scott: Life around me nudges the lyrics out of me. Sometimes they come so fast, I can barely write them down. Sometimes songs present themselves, and an emotional effort delivers it to the rest of the world.

Uma: What challenges come with the rock band territory?

Scott: Fitting everything into life, working with four other people, to be succinct with decisions, the trajectory we’re heading in and choosing music. I want music that inspires and allows time for all involved to shine. It’s a combination of rolling with the demands of a working band, practice, and putting on a professional show. I’m so grateful to the fans for their love and support.

Uma: What’s next?

Scott: We want to record more original songs; we’ve written a lot since our first CD. My partner, Sheli Rise, and I have started a production company to bring more professional shows to the Big Island and get Bottle of Blue to larger venues. We want to offer more excellent entertainment for everyone through Rocket and Rise Productions.

Uma: Anything else you’d like to share with your fans both old and new?

Scott: Big thanks to Steve Roby, you, Gerald & Gary at Big Island Music Magazine, for bringing news to everyone out there. We want to continue inspire and help folks enjoy themselves, so get out and support live music, as our community of musicians really works hard doing what they enjoy. If you see a busker or musician out there, throw something in their tip jar. They’ll thank you for it.

You can catch Bottle of Blue on May 24 at Huggo’s on the Rocks from 8:30-11pm. Huggo’s is located at 75-5824 Kahakai Road in Kailua-Kona. Call: 808) 329-1493 or visit them on the web:

Bottle of Blue is on Facebook:
And YouTube.

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