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Overview: Lopaka Rootz

Lopaka Rootz is a musical artist, singer, songwriter, and lyricist. He hails from Kailua Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Born on January 12, 1985 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Growing up with a mixed plate of ethnicity and cultures. He learned that he possessed the same qualities as those around him but aspired to have his own identity. Understanding a perspective of life from a worldwide view allowed him to be in tune with the many different cultures of the world. Breaking through all social barriers showed him what beauty this world really has to offer.

​Above: Lopaka’s new music video, “Aftershock”


The roots of reggae are deeply imbedded in tradition and the passing on the culture of a free and indiscriminate life. Lopaka Rootz has lived through and seen the differences of culture and his Hawaiian roots speak to him to create and play music that celebrates all the good things in life in Hawaii and beyond. He is empowered within himself and through the band to create, to pass on, to inspire and have the music come to life.

His band is defined by “I” a Rasta term for self-realization, “H” for a higher consciousness and “HI” for a Hawaiian deep appreciation for that culture and the perpetuation of it.

Adding to the regular band members for this recording are Kahulanui’s, Jesse Snyder on sax and Pat Eskildsen on guitar and bass. And, Sarah Bethany on additional keys.

The bass line is full and became richer with Jesse Snyder’s saxophone inclusion. Jesse states that it took him back to the first band he played in when he was sixteen in Pennsylvania that helped him to enrich the heavy reggae backbeat.  “It was a true pleasure…” (

AfterShock are the soundwaves of inspiration to understand, to love… like the reverberations after an earthquake… resonating a feeling to shake up the present consciousness and the vibrations to carry on.

AfterShock is available for download at along with Lopaka Rootz HI in I merchandise. Check in often for performance calendar updates and the latest news. Also available on Google Play Music and Amazon Music.

Lopaka Rootz HI in I band members are:
Lopaka Rootz – song writer, rhythm guitar and vocals
Superman the Aquarian – lead guitar
David Fulkerson – drums
Nikhil Narahari – bass
Cheriess Maree – keys

Additional players on “AfterShock”:
Jesse Snyder – sax
Pat Eskildsen – lead guitar and bass
Sarah Bethany – keys

Be sure to visit Lopaka Rootz’ website:


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