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On July 21, 2018, the annual Hawai‘i Songwriting Festival held its Hitmaker’s concert at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel. The event featured some of the country’s most talented songwriters who served as faculty for the conference, and a performance by special guest Kenny Loggins. Opening the concert were the top-three festival competition songwriters performing their original compositions. In the number one spot was the Big Island’s Higgs (Ryan Patrick Higgins) playing “No Plans.”  Higgs was accompanied on keyboards by Karl Kasberg, a local music producer.

Higgs Bio

With lyrically rich, soulful sound offerings, songwriter and singer/rapper Higgs is here to make you feel something. His songs are born of nuance and full of life experiences and genuine emotion. Inspired by his faith and his unique perspective of having grown up a “haole” in Hawaii, Higgs’ sound is at once relaxing and grooving, soul-searching and clever, with lyrical wordplay flowing throughout. This is music for a drive-sometimes slow and wandering and other times up and running-but always full of thought and movement.

For Higgs, music began with rhythm. He picked up his first set of drumsticks while still in middle school, playing in his parent’s kitchen floor on a spread of pots and pans. Since then he knew music was what he wanted to do with his life. These days he favors his trusty tenor ukulele & looper/pedal board, but timing and interesting rhythms are a mainstay in his tunes. Higgs’s music defies any single genre, drawing on elements of the three R’s (rap, reggae, and R&B) as well as singer/songwriter vibes to create a sound wholly his own. His low-key approach creates an open and authentic atmosphere, inviting listeners to connect with him at a basic human level.

The 29 year-old has been honing his musical skills with various bands (and looping pedals) in Hawaii since 2005. Over the past 5 years his solo career has taken him around Hawaii, to the Pacific Northwest, Los Angeles, and back home to The Big Island where he now resides. Higg’s debut EP, “The Letdown,” was recorded in 2016. He has since released 3 singles: “CantPlease’, ‘Slow it Down’, and ‘Pray’ (featuring fellow Hawaii rapper Illtalian). In 2018 he took first in the Hawaii songwriter’s competition for his song ‘No Plans’. He’s collaborated with other Hawaii writers and artists, garnering music placements on TV Shows The Flash and others, and getting a 2014 Na Hoku nomination as a member of LifeinPursuit with their album “Nickel & Dimin’ It”

Higgs can be seen at various venues and events around the Big Island trying out his new original material. His mixtape, currently in the works, is expected out late Fall 2018.


For more info on Higgs, Please visit his website:


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